30-minute to fitness kickboxing




Kellyさんのフォームも大変素晴らしいです ただまわりの人のフォームはどうかというとIlariaさんのインストラクターチームとちがってちょっと満足いかない人もいますが、Kellyさんをお手本にここはがんばりたいもの Kellyさんの特徴は動きの合間にダック(しゃがんで敵を避ける動き)が入ったり、一見難しそうなヒッチキックが出てくるとこですね ヒッチキックは片方のひざを曲げてお腹に引き寄せながら逆の足でキックする動きです。慣れるとこれは大丈夫 とにかくお腹の力が入りっぱなし、それにおしりの筋肉もかなり使うので一本やり終えるとコアとおしりがかなり疲労しています 

同じキックボックスと言えど、インストラクターが違うとまったく雰囲気が変わり楽しいものですね 個人的にはフォームの完璧さと常にフォームを修正してくれるIlariaさんを初心者の方にはおすすめしますが、ひととりの動きが体になじんだ方にはKellyさんのこの一本お勧めです

I've introduced step-boxing DVDs by Kelly Coffey-Meyer before, but this DVD is full-on kickboxing (with no step) with two workouts with 14-minute tutorial and 14-minute ab exercise. While Ilaria's workout starts with kicks only, then punches only and finishes with combinations, Kelly's style is to do a 2-minute conbination and move on to another, so you will be pressed to learn combinations quickly. To that end, it's highly recommended to do the tutorial before starting the main workouts. Kelly's forms are superb, but I wasn't too impressed with the back exercisers. On the other hand, Ilaria does her videos with her Powerstrike instructors, so their forms are really great as well.

Kelly does lots of ducks and hitch kicks, which seemed at first really daunting, but once you get the hang of the move, it's actually a lot of fun! Throughout the video, I worked hard my abs and glutes, so they were fatigued afterwards.

Different instructors have different styles of teaching kickboxing, which makes it all the more fun! I would recommend Ilaria for beginners (or anybody who wants to perfect their forms) since she has authentic forms and gives constanct corrective instructions, but once you have mastered basic moves, Kelly's workouts would be great for non-stop kickboxing fun!