Powerstrike 6

とうとうイラリアさんのPowerstrikeの最後のDVD, Powerstrike 6です。ウォームアップは今までのヴィデオとほぼ同じ、ショルダーロールに軽いパンチとストレッチにプッシュアップで軽く体をほぐし、そのあとはパンチのシークエンス、そしてキックのシークエンスと続きます。そのあとにパンチとキックのコンビネーションをしてから締めくくりは空手パンチとブロック。Powerstrike 4, 5と6にたどりついた人には分かりやすい流れですね。



Powerstrike 6 is very similar to the first two DVDs、Powerstrike 4 & 5 in its format. It starts with a warm-up which consistes with shoulder rolls, punches, stretches and push-ups, moves on to the punch sequence, then kick sequence, followed by choreographed combinations, and finishes with Karate punches and blocks. The punch sequence in this video is more complicated, which requires memoraization and a little extra time to practice to perfect it. Back kicks are newly introduced, so are little hops to change directions, which keeps heart rate elevated. Ilaria exercises with her Powerstrike instructors, who own Powerstrike certificates to teach it. Ilaria is definitely the best kickboxing instructor I've seen so far. Another great video!